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Native speaker. Professional teacher.


About Me

Hello! ☺ My name is Nadya. I'm a native Russian teacher from Moscow. 


I have diploma of teacher of Russian as foreigner language from Moscow State University (МГУ). I also have diploma of training specialist after 5 years education in State University of Management. And I regulary raise my qualification on courses, speaking with best professionals, finding  new modern methods of studying Russian, new interesting materials… I choose the best of them and suggest them to my students.  I also prepare interesting and useful materials for every student. Whatever goal you have: Russian for beginners, practicing in fluency, Russian for work, understanding natural speech, etc

Because for me teaching Russian is more than work. For me it's a real pleasure to meet new people, help them to achieve their educational goals, break down bariers between cultures and opening doors to new possibilities…  It’s important for me to keep students motivated and achieve goals together with fun. I think studying must be pleasant. Let’s study using a serious structured approach. But also having fun, discussing interesting things in Russian, learning modern sleng, watching episodes from your favourite movies, learning unusual Russian sounds in a funny way ☺


Russian language will surprise you many times. Its different from other languages makes the brain work. And its richness gives opportunity to express deep thoughs, tell witty jokes, describe romantic thing. Once you start speaking Russian, you won’t want to stop.


So, if you have any question, want to tell me about your goals, or just want to say me  anything, I’m looking forward to get your message! ☺


My diplomas




You choose time for lessons. You save time on road. You keep studying with the same teacher  wherever and whenever you live. Modern programs such as Skype, google document, audio messages, pdf files allow to make lesson even more effective than in class. Good price.


Materials are prepared according to your interests. You study Russian with your own comfortable speed. With teacher which you chose yorself. Min boring grammar, max practical skills like speaking.


Lesson with native speaker and professional teacher. Materials are prepared special for your goals. Personal attention and confidence that you will finish lesson with a clear understanding of all new things. Explanations of Russian grammar in English. Certificate after completion of the first three levels of Russian. Structured approach.


I’m always in touch with my students. If you need help during trip, doing homework, or just want translation of any Russian things please feel free to write me.


Nadezhda, has been an awesome Russian tutor! We have spent around 25 hours learning Russian together & I have already come such along way!! Nadezhda is always very prepared with material, including audios & videos. We have even started translating a few modern Russian songs, lessons are always very fun! Nadezhda is an easy going, well prepared, friendly & very knowledgable tutor. Her English is fantastic and she explains Russian concepts to english speakers with ease! Great tutor would recommend to anyone who wants to learn Russian! 

I want to say she is amazing and I look forward to working with her till the end. She is very patient and is a real pleasure to work with and learn from. Her attitude makes it fun to come and learn from her. I give her a A+++



Nadezhda has been an amazing instructor. She has been super helpful in working with my changing schedule and perfectly tailors each lesson to where I am lacking. She always answers all of my questions even when off lesson to help my understanding of a subject so we can progress further next time. I have seen noticeable improvement in my recollection of proper cases since working with her. Her upbeat attitude makes her very fun to work with as well! I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their Russian speaking.



If you have questions or just want say anything, contact me :)

Skype:             nadezhda_tovkachuk
What’s app:     +79778771179
E-mail:             tovkachukn@yandex.ru